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Technicians are certificated BPCA / RSH trained, including City & Guilds in pesticide, PA1 & PA6, First Aid, Risk assessment, Intermediate Food Hygiene.

All wildlife work is to the General or specific DEFRA/Natural England licence.

£5 million pound liability insurance.

Deer in Great Britain

In the British Isles, we are fortunate enough to have a number of deer species, some who can be considered to be native and others who have been introduced.

We have Red, Fallow, Sika, Roe, Reeves Muntjac and Chinese water Deer species.

Some are considered to be pests because of the damage to crops, forestry and amenity areas. Mostly have consistent areas of living and can be, provided the numbers are managed correctly with responsible forward looking strategies, can become an asset, whilst maintaining a healthy, structured long term part of our ecology.

Sericata Environmental services carry out intensive survey and monitoring directly linked into long term management plans.