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Technicians are certificated BPCA / RSH trained, including City & Guilds in pesticide, PA1 & PA6, First Aid, Risk assessment, Intermediate Food Hygiene.

All wildlife work is to the General or specific DEFRA/Natural England licence.

£5 million pound liability insurance.

Feral Pigeons - Seagulls

The proofing of Buildings, Roof areas, under canopy loading bays play an essential part of preventative feral pigeon control.

Feral pigeons will roost or even nest in the most unlikely areas and may go unnoticed until the fouling and nest material becomes evident indicating a number of birds are in situ.

The fouling and sometimes the nesting material can be a hazard to health and harborage for undesirable insects. Fouling clearance or old nest removal should only be carried out by experienced and certificated persons as the fouling can be a significant Hazard, particularly when wet and may require treatment with an insecticide to control any biting insects and Biocide to remove risk of disease to the operators and persons in the same building areas.

Sericata Environmental Services specialise in preventative and remedial Bird proofing work including the use of netting, mesh, ping wire and stainless steel bird spikes to curtail activity and any further risk of health related problems


During the breeding season seagulls become very aggressive, the use of Gull netting and spikes are recommended procedures to curtail activity prior to the breeding season.