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Technicians are certificated BPCA / RSH trained, including City & Guilds in pesticide, PA1 & PA6, First Aid, Risk assessment, Intermediate Food Hygiene.

All wildlife work is to the General or specific DEFRA/Natural England licence.

£5 million pound liability insurance.

Brown rats or roof rats can be considered in the top five of disease vectors and as such are a serious health risk to humans. In addition, the structural damage to buildings and cross contamination to materials and food stocks from the urine and faeces they leave behind adds to the potential damage they cause.

Rats are commensual and prefer to live near to humans as we supply the three things they require; food, water and harborage.

If it is possible to remove two of the three items there is a good possibility they will move on the activity will be migratory for one side of the triangle. Good hygiene practice is essential combined with proofing to keep activity out is paramount.

Finding the main source of activity is essential in a controlled riddance plan together with a systemic rodenticide treatment, control can be obtained in a short space of time. Constructive hygiene and proofing is the key to sucess to rodent control.