Select any of the following to learn more about the risks they pose, the damage they can cause and also how Sericata can help you deal with them.

Technicians are certificated BPCA / RSH trained, including City & Guilds in pesticide, PA1 & PA6, First Aid, Risk assessment, Intermediate Food Hygiene.

All wildlife work is to the General or specific DEFRA/Natural England licence.

£5 million pound liability insurance.

Sericata Environmental Services are committed to providing high quality sustainable re - active and pro - active support for our clients.

We have in place training modules for the leisure and hotel industry to allow key staff members to be aware of the pests that can, if allowed, directly affect the profit capabilities of your business.

The Pest awareness modules, are tailor made for your business, you can have the pest species range as large or as small as you wish for your staff, all we ask is a loan of a suitable room to work off our laptop the important factor is to help generate an understanding of how pests get into premises, to establish a general criterior for looking for pests when stripping down bedding, working in the kitchen, the cellar, where and how to look.

The important necessity with pest control is early recognition and correct application to reduce and eliminate

Details of some pests below which can effect your profit, your reputation and can lead to on occasions to court cases;

  • Cimex lectularius ( Bed Bugs)
  • Ctenocephalides Canis (Dog Flea )
  • Blattella Germanica (German Cockroach)
  • Mus Domesticus (House Mouse)
  • Rattus Norvegicus (Brown Rat)

These are just a selection of extra visitors that could appear in your rooms, kitchen and food preparation areas.

To arrange pest awareness training for your staff - call 07725 177 656 to arrange a time to suit you.

Pest awareness training for Hotel, Catering and Food production sites