Select any of the following to learn more about the risks they pose, the damage they can cause and also how Sericata can help you deal with them.

Technicians are certificated BPCA / RSH trained, including City & Guilds in pesticide, PA1 & PA6, First Aid, Risk assessment, Intermediate Food Hygiene.

All wildlife work is to the General or specific DEFRA/Natural England licence.

£5 million pound liability insurance.

Wasps and Hornets activity gradually increase through the spring into summer culminating in some cases as a threat to Humans and Animals in the hunt for food and a nesting site that clashes with our own way of lifestyle.

Before any treatment application Sericata Environmental Services implement a site inspection to all accessible areas for open water tanks, Bats, non target animals and Insects including external Hazards for water and aquatics.

Post Treatment: We remove accessible nests and or Proof of access points to deny access to other insects.